Nasty Boy


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“Imprinting” in Ducks is a natural occurrence. It is best described as the “Safe”, and “Natural” sounds past from Mother to Hatchling to keep them protected from danger. These “Imprinted” tones lasts a lifetime. One of the most recognized is the “Cajun Squeal”. It is the sound of a contented hen with her craw full. This noise means “Food” and “Safety” all at the same time. This is the noise that keeps all the little hatchlings Chicks following in line behind her. The Poly-Acrylic Nasty Boy Duck Call, produces these sounds as natural as Momma used too. Just pinch your air while blowing the words “Oat, oat, oat, oat, oat….to produce an imprinted “Safe” and “Natural” welcome to Late Season, and Call Shy Ducks. Comes in longleaf waterfowl camo.

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